About Us

Who We Are

The Business Community Coalition Public Leadership Institute is a non-partisan program with a mission to identify and educate businesses in the Dallas, Texas area who are interested in learning about community and leadership while exploring the opportunities of engaging in public service at some point in their future.

The program focuses on public issues, leadership strategies, and service to the community.  Please consider the possibility of becoming a public service leader in the future.

Please keep in mind that:

  • selection committee members may interview some applicants;

  • this is a program for prospective public service leaders and their businesses;

  • there is a significant level of commitment involved in being chosen;

  • the committee will seek to choose businesses it believes best represents the program’s mission;

The BCCPLI.org’s Purpose

Platform for Businesses

Provide forums for business owners and entrepreneurs in Dallas, Texas to be heard concerning social and political issues.

Opportunity to Form Alliances

Cultivate coalitions between other jurisdictions, organizations, and beyond for the enhancement and benefit of the Dallas, Texas Business Community.

Tie-up Opportunities for Business Loyalty Program

Provide connections, networking, and referral opportunities through partner organizations.

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